Your Accomplishment

My Featured Qualities

  • Comprehending, executing and carrying out company directives.
  • Ability to research, classify and analyze collected data.
  • Good sense of timing and the ability to recognize problems.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and knowledge of human relations.
  • Ability to lead, oversee and supervise the activities of others.

New foundation

My Featured Successes

  • Negotiated a new employment agency contract that saved the company $700.00 in long term fees.
  • Planned and executed all aspects of career counseling/transitioning for 60+ employees after a major office division shutdown.
  • Served on the Simi Valley ADA Paratransit Advisory Committee as Chairman for 2 years
  • Trained all new manufacturing staff on safety practices and efficient handling of manufacturing equipment maintaining perfect safety record 3 years in a row.
  • Designed a citywide customer satisfaction survey that was implemented permanently.
  • Successfully planned and completed corporate meetings, lunches and special events for groups of 100+ employees.
  • Developed and implemented an organization’s first employee handbook outlining all proper business procedures and office policies.
  • Acted as primary resource for recruiting and hiring, employee relations, performance management, disciplinary process, as well as terminations.
  • Directed and implemented a companywide “Continuous Quality Improvement” Training Program
  • Created and maintained a paperless employee personnel file system, which reduced paper waste by 40%.
  • Managed and maintained a Documented Quality Program in adherence to the ISO 9000 Quality Standard.